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Our trading company with an international staff composed of professionals with diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, can minimize the impact of cultural differences while maximizing trade potential for all parties involved.
About us

A Century of Experience and Diversification

We established a small trading business. Now, fast-forwarding years since we first opened our doors, we have built SOGH ZONE TRADING L.L.C, a privately-owned capital led trading and investment company that is fueled by a strategy of growth through innovation and diversification.

We founded SOGH ZONE TRADING L.L.C, as a new entity to consolidate our rapidly growing and diversified portfolio of business ventures and investments. We continue to grow our portfolio of investments focusing on financial markets, healthcare, real estate, and technology.

At the center of our belief system is knowing that in order to build great businesses that stand the test of time we must be dedicated, patient and persistent. Thus, we’ve established a culture of agility throughout our organization, focused on learning and evolving everyday.


We are active in many different business fields

General Trading

Our proven track record allows us to offer investors secured returns while assuming all of the risk ourselves helping them invest safe way. Using the transfer of the title deed of the property, investors can feel safe through collateralization of their East West General Trading SECURE investment, will not affected by market.


Our success can be attributed to the diversity of our services and to our philosophy of providing total quality solutions to all our client needs within our domain of work.